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A Diamond Life

  • Grew up under the skies of four continents
  • Performed in Broadway and Hollywood productions as a kid
  • Ventured across the lands of thirty countries by age eighteen
  • Created seven best-selling books published in eight languages
  • Singer-songwriter and producer of J-pop music in Japan and Asia

Unique ingredients in a world-class recipe that make one delicious Taro Gold.

Growing up, Taro played in the historic neighborhoods of Kyoto, Japan, raced across Australia’s white, sandy beaches and blazed a creative path through the anything-is-possible entertainment world of California. The life lessons he gained through his global kaleidoscope of adventures, later inspired his successful line of books and his J-pop music.

As a kid starring in musicals, including Peter Pan, Evita and March of the Falsettos, Taro gained a passion for music. Since then, songwriting, singing and producing music have been ingrained in his heart and soul.

In school, Taro began excerpting from his lifelong collection of travel journals to develop essays about his life experiences for local newspapers. These soon evolved into books. The first, Open Your Mind, Open Your Life (which Taro originally began penning while studying for his MFA degree at UCLA) was a smash hit and rocketed to the top of the bestseller lists around the world.

Taro produced several more successful titles, including What Is Love? A Simple Guide to Romantic Happiness, as well as The Tao of Dad and The Tao of Mom, collections of inspiration from heroes and heroines around the world, and the beloved Living Wabi Sabi: The True Beauty of Your Life, based on lessons of the heart from his own life experiences, lauded by TIME magazine and reviewers around the world.

Taro imbues all his work with the intention to inspire hope, love, and joy in people’s daily lives. Today, his books have been published in eight languages and sold in more then forty nations, touching the lives of millions of people worldwide.

While his books gained devotees, Taro also poured his heart into music. Calling on his global network of talented friends, he created a multimedia project in Japan titled “The Diamond You.” The results have been embraced by both music legends and fans alike.

Much like his years growing up, Taro Gold spends time spanning the globe from San Diego to Paris, and from London to Tokyo.

Taro actively contributes his time and resources to make the world a better place, especially to help kids in Peru, Canada, the United States and Asia. He enjoys supporting animal right’s groups, vegan cooking (he’s been a vegan since he was 6 years old), yoga, and flying.

Enjoying the unlimited power of now, Taro encounters one more new adventure, one more new friend each day.

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Taro Gold’s entertainment work includes these fine shows and multimedia groups:

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