Whistler, Canada reminds me of the Swiss Alps.  Breathtaking beauty all around, and for some reason I was mistaken for Olympic skater Apolo Ohno twice during my visit.  Ha!  I took it as a compliment.

Funky Winker Pub in Vancouver, Canada

While in Vancouver, I discovered my all-time favorite pub name:  Funky Winker Bean’s!  Who could come up with a more unique and fun name for a pub?  Leave it to Vancouverites.  And finally, beyond belief, I found that KFC in Canada offers vegan soy-chicken sandwiches.  They were so delicious I actually started craving them by the end of my trip, and still miss them!  Thanks to PETA and the lovely Canadian animal rights activist Pamela Anderson for negotiating the introduction of that item to the market in Canada.

Open Your Mind, Open Your Life in French for Canadians

And now, to my great joy, I can add another reason why I love Canada:  A publishing house in Montreal, Quebec, released the French edition of my book “Open Your Mind, Open Your Life.”  Now available in both Quebec and in France.  I was delighted to receive some copies of it and, although my French skills are not what they once were, it was fun to read.  My friends in Paris tell me it is excellent, and being well-received in France.  My gratitude to everyone who worked on this French edition, especially to the brilliant Québecoise translator Josée Guévin.  Vive le Québec! Vive le Canada!