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A Musical Jewel

Taro brings together a worldwide collaboration of talent to create a multifaceted J-pop musical diamond.

“Taro’s music is great, will be loved by all.”
Herbie Hancock

Album Title: The Diamond You
Genres: J-pop, Pop, Rock, World, Fusion

Track Listing:

  1. Love Star | 愛星へ
  2. When Is Someday | いつか
  3. I Will Always Remember You | 忘れない
  4. Moonlight Dancing | ムーンライト ダンシング
  5. Beautiful Nightmare | きれいな悪夢
  6. Slave To Love | スレーブ 2 ラブ
  7. Let’s Start Over, Te Amo | やり直そう
  8. The Tears Of Goodbye (with Dave Koz) | さよならの涙
  9. When Is Someday – Reprise | いつか リプライズ
  10. The Start Is Always Rain | はじまりはいつも雨
  11. Two Lights As One | ひとり
  12. Diamond (The Diamond You) | ダヤモンド
  13. Imagine | イマジン

Love For Diamond

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