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Synopsis of Open Your Mind, Open Your Life

By the time he was in high school, Taro Gold had journeyed to more than two dozen nations. Along the way, he entrusted his feelings, discoveries and cherished quotes to his beloved journals. When he shared favorite passages with friends, their reactions were so warm and deep that he decided to expand upon the passages in local publications. While studying at UCLA, Taro gathered his favorite quotes and insights from those treasured diaries and self-published them in his first mini-edition of Open Your Mind, Open Your Life. Filled with sage advice on opening your life to its inherent joy, it includes gems such as:

  • Master your past in the present, or the past will master your future.
  • True happiness in life is found always within oneself.
  • As water can carve through stone, those who persevere will win.
  • Turn your face to the sun and shadows will only fall behind you.

An overnight success, that first little book was soon expanded into a larger second edition. Both versions guide readers along the path to lasting happiness with hundreds of encouraging and uplifting thoughts. Open Your Mind, Open Your Life is richly illustrated with exquisite and original watercolor art. This inspiring collection, recently repackaged as a delightful Box Kit with Fortune Stone, continues to gain fans around the world.

Love for Open Your Mind, Open Your Life

A Recommended Read by Publisher’s Weekly, Barnes & Noble, Borders and by more than one hundred newspapers and magazines in North America and Europe.

“Taro Gold’s creations are a refreshing breeze of loving inspiration and encouragement, flowing through the window of your heart.” – Dr. Deepak Chopra

“Taro Gold’s books will enlighten and ennoble the reader.” – Dr. Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi and director of the Gandhi Institute

Open Your Mind, Open Your Life has been published in English, Korean, Hebrew, Spanish, French, and Portuguese. A Japanese version is forthcoming.

Original and Commemorative Editions

To celebrate the long-selling popularity of the original mini edition of Open Your Mind, Open Your Life, a bookmark charm was added to its design. Etched in gold on the emerald green charm is the Chinese character for “Longevity.” A fortune stone box kit was created to commemorate the success of all editions of Open Your Mind, Open Your Life around the world. The inspirational gift set is for anyone seeking a fulfilled, centered and healthy existence. The box kit includes a purple prosperity stone with the word “fortune” etched in gold, a bookmark with words from Taro Gold on the back, and a small booklet with the most popular excerpts from Open Your Mind, Open Your Life.

Open Your Mind, Open Your Life: Little Book Open Your Mind, Open Your Life: Box Kit

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