I’ve been in Tokyo enjoying meetings with top creative leaders at media companies regarding my music. Everything progressed well until I received news that some of the worst fires in US history swept near my hometown. My mother, who was also babysitting my beloved dog at the time, had to flee from her home. I was on the phone with her from Tokyo as she literally drove through flames on her way to safety in Nevada. I returned immediately from Tokyo to help out.

It was surreal enough to watch from afar on the news, let alone to be there or to lose something to the fires. Fortunately, all of my friends and family members escaped harm, and our properties were safe from damage. A friend of ours, however, awoke to the sound of sirens one night and within minutes had to escape her home with her husband and animals in tow. Their entire property. Nevertheless, she was most appreciative to be safe… as for everything else: “Everything else, just stuff,” she said with a sincere smile. I will remember the strength and wisdom of that moment forever.

When I visited San Diego the following week, I took this photo. I felt the beautiful mix of color from the sunset and swirling clouds of the night sky were healing the ground below.


Returning to Tokyo and happily resuming my talks with music companies, my team is already opening a “backstage area” that will progressively grow along with the project. You can find previews of my music at www.myspace.com/tarogoldmusic where you can hear several of my new songs. We will also have www.tarogold.jp up and running soon.

On a different but mysteriously related note, when I was at my dentist’s office for a check up, my hygienist asked if I knew Angela Aki, a part-Japanese part-American singer-songwriter who is popular in Japan. I know of her, but had never met her. “I went to high school with Angela in Hawaii” my dental pro commented, “and I have a feeling you are going to meet her soon.” One week later, I was at Sony Music Studios in Tokyo to finish recording details on a few of my songs, and the screen below is what greeted me in the studio that day.

Studio Session

The bottom of the screen shows my session as Taro G, and the one above shows who is in the room next to me, in Japanese writing it reads “Angela Aki.” So there we were. How fun is that?  I love life!

Speaking of fun, I wish for each of our lives to be filled with blessings and appreciation. If something not-so-fun happens to come along, may we all have the grace to focus on what is most truly important in our lives and remember that everything else… “everything else, just stuff.”