There’s something special about Paris in the Spring. It’s not really cold but it’s not really warm. The green lawns and trees are back from their slumber, and flowers are starting to bloom again. The sky is a certain kind of deep, clear black with a little purple at night and in day it’s a pale, bright blue with a little grey. Magical!

After working hard to finish my album project, I jaunted off to Paris, Geneva and Montreux for a break. I like how the Eiffel Tower lights up at night every hour on the hour with a thousand bright sparkling white lights. I took a shot when it was all lit up as you can see here, looking across the River Seine near the Alexander III Bridge. Enjoyed a great French meal at an organic restaurant next to the Seine that night with some dear Parisian friends. Merci Marie et Jonathan!

Eiffel Tower

My favorite hotel in Paris is near the Arc de Triumph, and everyone knows what the arc looks like from a distance, but who ever shows you the view when you’re standing right under it and look up? So here you go.

Arch De Triumph

And finally, a shot from inside my hotel room. Just kidding. This is part of Napoleon’s apartment in Paris.

Napolean’s apartment in Paris

After Paris I went to my favorite place in the world for vegan cuisine, Montreux, Switzerland. The folks at the La Prairie sure know how to do it up right! Whenever I’m there I never want to leave. Their master chefs prepare 2 gourmet meals plus 2 snacks per day, all made specially to fit each guest’s exact dietary wishes and needs, in my case pure vegan. Every single dish they create is so good, I always find myself eating more than I’ve ever eaten before and I gain about 4 pounds by the end of the week, which for anyone who knows me is a very good thing for me. I can’t wait to go back again. But next I’m off to Mexico, then to Japan for more fun with my music. We’ll get some music samples online here or on my Japanese website soon for you to enjoy. Ciao!