In Praise of Teachers

Education is everything. In recent years, I’ve attended global conferences with leading figures–from Melinda Gates to Bill Clinton, Martha Stewart to Mark Zuckerberg, and Bono to Warren Buffett–who all declared that education is the cure to our nation’s, and indeed our world’s, greatest ills.  I couldn’t agree more. Growing up, I had my share of [...]

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Live Your Truth

My Wish For You

Global Life

Shining World

Diamond – The Diamond You


Taro’s J-Pop project is a worldwide collaboration of talented friends who bring you a multifaceted musical Diamond.

“Taro Gold’s music is timeless, borderless… brilliant.”
Sir Elton John

Open Your Mind, Open Your Life

Sweet Inspiration for a Happy Life

“This book will enlighten and ennoble the reader.”
Arun Gandhi, Gandhi Institute Director and Grandson of Mahatma

What Is Love?

Creating Fulfilled Relationships Now

From Harville Hendrix, Ph.D., New York Times best-selling author of, Getting the Love You Want, A Guide for Couples

“This is a beautiful and enlightening book about love. It is realistic, visionary, and practical, gifting readers with a better understanding of how they can contribute to the outcome of their relationships. Everyone will be challenged and enriched by reading it.”